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Fun Cakes

Fun-Cakes are very attractive 3-dimensional sponge cakes with a rich filling in every bite. Visual details in this centerfilled-cake are very detailed because of our closed mould baking technology. Imagine any shape to differentiate from any other cake product. Every Fun Cake is a unique appearance.

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Sandwich Pancakes

Sandwich Pancakes are the traditional pancakes transformed into delicous and convenient products. The filling between the Sandwich Pancakes is irresistibly tasty every bite again. Sandwich Pancakes have many variations and a very appealing print on top of the pancake.

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Open funcake mould with filling

Fun Cake Machine

Fun Cakes have a sepctacular appearance and delicious filling in every bite. The Funcake machine is fully automatic without any human interference.

The output: 80 - 430 kg/hr.

Product weight: 10 - 40 gr.

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Pancake on baking plate

Pancake Machine

Simple pancakes transformed into very delicious and convenient products. Baking, filling, printing and sealing all in one machine. Any combination in taste, size and print is possible.

Output up to 540 kg/hr.

Product weight varies between 10 - 40 gr.


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Interpack 2020

Pancake Machine

Cake Concepts will be present at Interpack 2020, come and visit us at booth 3A22 and find out about our latest concepts and developments.

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