Fun Cake Machine

How to produce the delicious fun cakes in a reliable and efficient way ?

Fun Cakes are baked in solid brass or cast iron moulds. Because of the solid metal moulds the heat capacity of the moulds is very high. Directly after depositing of the batter the baking process starts although the moulds have not reached the oven yet. First a rich piece of filling will be formed and placed on top of the batter. Before entering the oven the mould will be closed and turned completely one time to distribute the batter evenly over the mould. This is a very important step in the process and the only way to get an evenly colored cake product. After closing the mould will be turned one more time during the baking process. This is to ensure the filling remains in the center of the cake before the batter starts to set. In the oven the moulds are heated gradually and the temperature of the mould will increase about 20 deg. Celsius. The heat is distributed over the mould very gradually and evenly; this is important to keep in mind when designing the moulds. To generate the heat direct gas burners or electrical heaters are used. Finally after the oven the mould will be opened and the fun cakes can be de-moulded and cooled for packaging. Before the next cycle the mould will be cleaned and coated with a releasing agent.

Unique Features

Evenly colored cakes and perfectly centered filling

Because of the heat captured in the moulds the batter starts baking immediately after depositing. For this reason it is important that the batter and the filling are distributed evenly in the mould. To guarantee the best cake quality the mould will be turned during the baking process.

Very smooth surface and fine detailed product looks

The fun cake machine operates with closed metal moulds. During baking the moulds remain closed. Because of the leavening agent in the recipe, the batter will be pushed in every detail of the mould. In addition because of the gentle pressure, caused by this rising process, the surface of the fun cake will be very smooth.

Free floating moulds and flexible depositors positioning

On the industrial fun cake machines the moulds are not fixed to the machine. We did this to be able to adjust the baking time without affecting the line output. Another benefit is that our machines can run with any number of moulds for testing or to reduce output. The machine output is fixed for any recipe or baking time.

Changing baking moulds

The baking moulds are not fixed to the baking line. Bigger lines have an automatic mould eject and insert feature on the machine. Within 15 min a complete mould set can be changed. So changing the moulds is a very easy operation.


The industrial fun cake machine can run with any number of moulds. Sensors detect if the mould is in position and if the mould has the right temperature; if not is will pass without depositing. Because of this feature our fun cake machine can run with just a few moulds. Which is very convenient at start-up or, for cleaning of the moulds during production, or developing new products.

Fun Cake Machine Specifications

330 pcs/hr


The smallest machine available. This machine is typically used for product development in R&D environment, or for small in in-store production.

Small Fun Cake Machine


  • Capacity: 330 pcs/hr
  • Output: 12 kg/hr
  • Product weight: 25-35 gr
  • Product dimension: 75 x 65 x 32 mm
  • Machine dimension: 1.2 x 1.3 m

Standard baking time is 4 min but can adjusted. Changing the baking time will change the output of the machine. The temperature range of the mould is 160-180 deg. Celsius.

Flexible and cost effective

This machine is small, flexible in setup. Operation of the machine is very reliable and simple. Depanning and cleaning of the moulds is done manually. As an option automatic depanning is possible. This funcake machine requires only power and gas to run !

With the machine we supply 24 moulds, in theory all the mould can be different in shape as long as the volume is the same. Because of its compact size and the wheels it can be moved to any position in the workshop.

Try the machine ?

As a service we rent out the machine for product development or market testing.

3000 pcs/hr


Ideal for industrial production on small scale with minimal investment. This machine produces manju fun cakes fully automatic without interruption. Because of the small investment this machine is suitable for local product sales or to test the market before growing production. With max. 50 products per minute the investment in packaging is also minimum. Existing equipment can be used or even manual packaging is still an option.

Automatic Fun Cake Machine


  • Capacity: 2.400 or 3000 pcs/hr
  • Output: 105 kg/hr
  • Product weight: 30-40 gr
  • Product dimension: 75 x 65x 32 mm
  • Machine dimension: 1.3 x 4.8 m

Compact size

This machine is very compact. The moulds are fixed to a chain and travel through the machine with a variable cycle time. Below the moulds the gas operated burners are located to heat the moulds. Electrical heaters are optional. Standard baking time is 4 min but can vary. The location of the depositors can be changed. Because of this, changing the baking time does not change the output of the machine. Moreover the moment of turning the moulds can be set accurately.

7200 pcs/hr


Mid-range output for industrial production. High quality design for safe and clean operation. This machine requires minimal staffing. All functions are automated and monitored for performance. Maximum efficiency for minimal investment.

Industrial Fun Cake Machine


  • Capacity: 7.200 pcs/hr
  • Output: 290 kg/hr
  • Product weight: 30-40 gr
  • Product dimension: 80 x 75 x 32 mm
  • Machine dimension: 3.9 x 8.3 m

Flexible and efficient

The standard mould holds 8 products and are floating through the system. Sensors monitor the functions of the line and guarantee best possible performance. Burner operation and control is fully automatic. Moulds can exit the line for cleaning or mould changing. To facilitate easy return or changing of the mould, the line is equipped with an automatic mould feeding system.


This machine is designed for 24x7 production. Built quality is very solid and reliable. If one of the moulds is dirty, just remove and replace it while the line is running; this line just runs forever.

10.800 pcs/hr


The ultimate machine for high output production. Design and features are identical to the smaler FCM8, but the output is 50% higher.

Industrial Fun Cake Machine - high output


  • Capacity: 10.800 pcs/hr
  • Output: 380 kg/hr
  • Product weight: 30-40 gr
  • Product dimension: 80 x 75 x 32 mm
  • Machine dimension: 5.3 x 8.3 m

Product options

The standard moulds contains 12 Fun Cakes for above product dimensions. For other product dimensions and weights the number of products per mould can change. The smallest product is 10 gr. Depending on the shape between 24 and 36 product per mould can be produced increasing the output beyond 21.600 pcs/hr.

More Information?

Contact us for budget pricing or free samples for evaluation. We have equipment available for testing and trials. This is equipment is also available for temporary use in your companies R&D department.

Other options

The machine output depends on the characters per mould. Within the limits of the mould different product configurations are posible. As an example small 10 gr products can be produced in the same mould size. Then the moulds and depositor can be adapted to contain the maximum number of pieces per mould.


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