Sandwich Pancake Machine

How are sandwich pancakes made ?

The industrial sandwich pancake machine is actually two machines in one. First the pancakes are baked, then the pancakes are filled and sandwiched. Both machines run synchronized but completely independent.

For baking a special alloy copper plate is used. The unique heat transfer of this copper alloy gives very smooth pancake surface. The pancake machine is gas operated or electrically powered. To adjust the baking-time the speed of the conveyor can be changed. Also the position of the depositor is variable to adjust the baking time for every recipe. On the machine a top heater is installed for cooking the pancake from the top before flipping. Both the top heater and flipper can moved to the best position for the recipe. Below the machine the griddle plates are cleaned and oil is applied for proper releasing of the pancakes.

The sandwiching machine first aligns the products arriving from the pancake machine. Then half of the pancake rows will be turned for filling the pancake. The other pancakes will not be turned and will be faced up to apply the print on the pancake. Finally the pancake is ready for sandwiching and sealing. The sealing unit closes the pancake to keep the filling in the pancake.

Unique Features

Industrial machine

All machines are designed for industrial application and 24x7 production. Every part and component that we use complies to the highest industrial specifications. Our machines are simple, yet strong and reliable to last of many years of trouble free operation.

Reliable, safe and clean operation

Our industrial machines are engineered for clean and reliable operation 24×7. The monocoque frame is made of stainless steel. All the control parts are contained in the frame. This design gives excellent sanitation and cleaning properties. Heating is done by gas burners. These burners are executed with microprocessor operated burner control systems.

Flexible and modular

All functions like depositing, sealing, printing, etc. are built as modular units. This makes them easy to remove for cleaning and for maintenance, or to move the position on the line. Additional units can be installed like a second depositor or print unit for quick change over.

Best in sanitation; for Clean Label products or extended shelf-life

The machine is easy to clean to guarantee perfect control over contamination and shelf-life. All the drives and controls remain in the frame when removing the units. The units can be cleaned with water and detergents when removed from the line. This gives the machine excellent sanitation properties. Sanitation is very important to get the longest shelf-life and a must when producing clean label products without preservatives.

Clear Print for maximal attraction

The print unit can cover almost the whole pancake surface and is very clear. The print head can be replaced while the line is running. Changing to a different design while the lines is running is very easy. 

Pancake sealing

The seal unit is specially designed for the delicate pancakes. The pancakes are perfectly aligned and after sealing no signs are visible of the sealing process. The pressure and stroke for sealing is adjustable for every recipe. When sealing is required the unit can be switched to pass-through-modes.

Many product variations

Because the flexible and modular design, many product variations are possible. Stations can be added, removed our modified for specific applications.

Between the baking machine and the sandwich machine the pancakes can be cooled. This is done when applying dairy or savory fillings. Single pancake with any size and cooking time can be produced on the industrial machine. Pancakes can be stacked in sandwich or multiple layers.

Sandwich Pancake Machine Specifications

4.000 pcs/hr


This machine is the smallest automatic pancake machine and produces only single pancakes. Due to the compact size and low price this machine is prefect for small bakeries. Sandwiching or any other product handling can be semi automatic or manual. 

This machine is also perfect for commercial try-outs before investing in the bigger machines. 

Automatic low range pancake machine


  • Capacity: 4.000 pcs/hr (single pancakes)
  • Product weight: 15- 25 gr
  • Product diameter: 60-100 mm
  • Machine dimension: 1.2 x 4.0 m

The burners are manually operated but are equipped with flame control devices for safety. The machine is reliable and can run continuously. One operator can control the machine because all functions are automated. Its small size makes is easy and simple to start and stop, and also easy to clean.

The baking machine can bake any kind of pancake variation blini, American style, etc. 

6 000 pcs/hr


This machine is the smaller version of the biggest line. All the systems are identical. Only the design is smaller and output is lower. Typically this is a midrange machine for bigger bakeries with limited space. Also when many varieties have to be produced simultaneously this is the perfect machine.

Mid range industrial Sandwich Pancake machine

Specifications - Updated

  • Capacity: 6.000 pcs/hr
  • Output: 250 kg/hr
  • Product weight: 35- 45 gr
  • Product diameter: 60-90 mm
  • Machine dimension: 1.9 x 9.0 m


The line is designed to run continues in an industrial environment (3 or 5 shifts). All systems are fully automatic and require minimal staffing. The pancake-baking machine produces 12.000 pancakes per hour and can be used as a stand-alone machine for pancakes only. The top-heater and pancake flipper unit can be move on the line to fit every recipe.

13500 pcs/hr


This machine was designed for high output and continuous 24x7 production. To minimize the staff to operate the machine all functions on the machine are automated. This is the machine for domestic and global operating bakeries; reliable and efficient.

Sandwich Pancake Machine


  • Capacity: 13.500 pcs/hr (10.800 - 17.100 pcs/hr)
  • Output: 540 kg/hr (@40gr)
  • Product weight: 30-50 gr (depending diameter)
  • Product diameter: 80 mm (for 15 pancakes per row)
  • Machine dimensions: 2.4 x 16.0 m

Safe Investment

The computer system monitors all functions on the line and reports problems. For safety reason the controls of the gas system is self supporting. However activating, stopping and regulating can be done through the touch screen.

Ready for the future. This machine is prepared with extra positions for the depositors and print unit. So during production the filling can be changed or dual filling can be applied. Also the print unit can be changed while the line is running.

The key feature of this machine is the flexibility to produce many different product configurations. Sizes can change, recipe, baking time, etc. Within the external dimension the machine and baking plates different sizes pancakes can be processed. For every size of pancake the output can be optimized i.e. the pitch between the pancakes can be optimized.

The pancake size can vary between 60-99 mm. For these different pancake sizes the output may vary between 10.800 - 17.100 pcs/hr.

Single pancakes

For single pancake production the output is: 21.600 - 34.200 pcs/hr (depending the size). To produce single pancake the machine can be adjusted without and additional investment. The sandwiching line can run in pass-through mode.

More information?


Contact us for free samples to evaluate this tasty pancake concept. We have many varieties and recipes available for testing. We can provide help to develop 'clean label' recipes or just the perfect pancake.


If you already have a pancake griddle we can upgrade this line with the standalone sandwiching machine. Ideal to optimize the existing investments. 

Pancake griddle

Our pancake machine can also be supplied as industrial pancake griddle for plain American style pancakes. These machines will have double capacity of the indicated sandwich pancake machines and can be upgraded in future to complete the pancake sandwiching line. 


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